Jonas Rosenquist is a painter and designer from Stockholm, Sweden. He attended the the Art School and Berghs SoC in Stockholm and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he honed his skills as a painter and designer. Since 2018, he has been living in Paris, where he has been inspired by the city’s vibrant art scene and cultural heritage.
Rosenquist’s paintings are characterized by their bold, sweeping brushstrokes, which he creates using palette knives and oil paint. This technique gives his work a rich texture and a sense of movement. He is particularly drawn to landscapes and portraits, and his paintings often reflect his love of nature and the human form.
Rosenquist’s colour palette is mixed with bold, saturated hues that evoke a sense of profound vitality. He is known for his use of light and shadow, which give his paintings a sense of depth and dimension.
In 2021, Rosenquist held a well-received exhibition in Montmartre, showcasing his latest works. His paintings were praised for their vibrant energy and emotional depth, and he received critical acclaim for his use of colour and texture.