Uncategorized · September 1, 2023

Auvers-sur-Oise ou Champ de Nuit | The Vincent Collection

A starlit journey through fields of wheat, illuminated by the palette knife’s masterful touch.

H40cm x W30cm – Oil on canvas with châssis

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Jonas Rosenquist’s Auvers-sur-Oise or Champ de Nuit, a captivating oil painting that commands attention as a standout piece within his Vincent collection. This enchanting artwork invites viewers to traverse a winding path leading to a quaint house, adorned with warm lights that pierce through the velvety darkness. On each side of the road, fields of wheat sway under the artist’s masterful strokes, rendered with a large palette knife that brings texture and dynamism to the composition.

The rich, dark hues of vivid blue dominate the canvas, creating a captivating contrast with the deep green vegetation and the vibrant orange and phosphorescent white highlights. The starry night sky, painted in undulating waves of dark blue, adds an ethereal touch to the scene, while an enchanting orange glow emanates from the horizon, casting a warm, atmospheric ambiance. Jonas Rosenquist’s deft use of the palette knife infuses Champ de Nuit with a tactile quality, enhancing the immersive experience of wandering through the serene fields under the captivating night sky. This piece is a testament to Rosenquist’s ability to weave emotion and texture into his creations, allowing art enthusiasts to lose themselves in the timeless beauty of his Vincent collection.