Oil Paintings

La Porte Cachée | The Azur Collection

Introducing “La Porte Cachée” by Jonas Rosenquist, a captivating addition to his mesmerizing series, Azur. This exquisite oil painting invites viewers into a world of vibrant colors and rich textures, skillfully woven together to create a visual masterpiece.

Fanfan | Portraits

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Jonas Rosenquist’s latest masterpiece, Fanfan, an alluring oil portrait capturing the essence of a woman with a contemplative gaze.

Stora Huset | The Skarpö Collection

Experience the enchanting allure of Jonas Rosenquist’s masterpiece, Stora Huset, a captivating oil painting that takes center stage in his evocative collection, Skarpö. The canvas comes alive with the grandeur of a three-floor yellow wooden house, exuding a timeless charm against a backdrop of lush dark green vegetation.

Sudurad | The Azur Collection

Immerse yourself in the radiant beauty of Jonas Rosenquist’s latest masterpiece, Sudurad, a captivating addition to his renowned series, Azur. This breathtaking oil painting transports viewers to a sun-kissed haven where warm colors and rich textures converge to create a symphony of visual splendor.

Les Vacances | The Azur Collection

Experience the allure of Jonas Rosenquist’s latest creation, Les Vacances, a mesmerizing addition to his esteemed series, Azur. This captivating oil painting invites viewers to immerse themselves in a picturesque landscape where warm tones and rich textures converge, creating a compelling interplay of natural light and shadows.