Azur / Oil Paintings · September 24, 2023

Sudurad | The Azur Collection

A sun-soaked masterpiece with rocky shores and distant islands joins the Azur collection.

H46cm x W38cm – Oil on canvas with châssis

Immerse yourself in the radiant beauty of Jonas Rosenquist’s latest masterpiece, Sudurad, a captivating addition to his renowned series, Azur. This breathtaking oil painting transports viewers to a sun-kissed haven where warm colors and rich textures converge to create a symphony of visual splendor. Sudurad unveils a coastal paradise, offering a panoramic view of rocky shores and islands from the unique vantage point beneath sun parasols. Rosenquist’s distinctive use of the palette knife and meticulous focus encapsulate the essence of a serene moment.

Within the canvas of Sudurad, the viewer is invited to a serene escape, where the textures of the rocky shoreline and the vastness of the sea come to life. Rosenquist’s skillful portrayal of Azur goes beyond the traditional sandy beaches, offering a fresh perspective on the coastal experience. The use of parasols becomes a subtle yet impactful element, hinting at leisurely moments spent on the rocky shores. Sudurad is an invitation to indulge in the timeless allure of the Azur, where the rugged beauty of nature and the artist’s vision harmoniously converge on the canvas, painting a vivid picture of a coastal haven that transcends the ordinary.